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J. S. Bach

Five Pieces by J.S. Bach arranged for Five Cellos by Alfred Loeffler - Selections from das Orgelbüchlein and two well-loved arias from two cantatas skillfully and lovingly arranged by Loeffler. From das Orgelbüchlein, Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, and In dir is Freude. From Cantata 78 Jesus, der du meine Seele, Wir Eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten; and from Cantata 82 Ich habe genug, Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen. $22.50 Order

Suite in G for Viola Solo - An arrangement by Alfred Loeffler of Bach's sixth Cello Suite in D, originally written for a five-string cello with an E tuned a fifth higher than the standard A in addition to the four strings of the modern instrument. The present version for viola transposes the work up a fourth so the viola's four strings are equivalent to the upper four strings of the intended instrument. Consequently the tessitura is close to the original, and most double-stop voicings are maintained. A great addition to the violist's repertory.  $15.50 Order

Raymond Barker

Four Little Pieces for Clarinet and Bassoon - An engaging contrapuntal romp for venturesome players. Duration: 7 minutes  $15.00  Order

Toccata and Passacaglia for Organ - The freely improvisational toccata emphasizes the interval of the seventh, while the passacaglia places African-style rhythms (at one point requiring three hands) over a seven-measure repeating pattern in the pedals. Duration:12 minutes  $18.50  Order
Listen to an audio excerpt from the Passacaglia (Requires RealPlayer, available as a free download from RealAudio)

David Colson

Corky's Clock for Clarinet Alone - An engaging solo piece for the advanced student or professional soloist, Corky's Clock explores the full dynamic and pitch range of the clarinet and employs multiphonics and other special effects. Duration: 6 minutes  $15.00  Order

Dragon Music for Clarinet, Piano and Percussion Ensemble - A chamber music piece featuring the clarinet, contrasting lyrical and agile qualities of the instrument. Works of John Cage and Lou Harrison influence the percussion writing for four players, which with the piano provides a colorful landscape. Composed for Richard Nunemaker, a superb clarinetist and champion of new music performance. Parts and score: $54.00 Score only: $25.00 Order

Quiet Places for Viola and Vibraphone - Composed in 1993 for violist Rami Solomonov, "Quiet Places" consists of four miniatures describing either physical or psychological landscapes. The work is of medium difficulty and appropriate for mixed chamber music presentations, or recital programs featuring a violist or percussionist. Duration: 12 minutes  $25.00 Order

Water's Edge for String Quartet - Written at the request of the Sun Quartet. Concise phrases and simple rhythmic packages throughout provide evidence of Colson's intent to create a work of simple means. Three fundamental, accessible musical ideas invite a broad scope of colors from the string quartet. Parts and score: $37.50 score only $12.00 Order

Alfred Loeffler

Four Appalachian Melodies for Four Violins - Appalachian folksong provides the inspiration for these short pieces composed with intermediate players in mind. They have been well received by both players and listeners at the Chico Chamber Music Workshop, which Loeffler directed for many years. Duration: 6 minutes  $18.50  Order

Seven Appalachian Melodies for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet - A set similar to the one for violins listed above. These pieces may also be played by two violins and viola; a viola part is included. Duration: 9 minutes  $22.50  Order

Betsy: Fantasy Variations on an Appalachian Melody for Woodwind Quintet - An extended composition based on one of the most beautiful Appalachian folksongs. Duration: 8 minutes  $18.50  Order

Love's Labor's Lost - Opera in three acts with libretto by the composer after the play of William Shakespeare. Duration: 2 hours, 40 minutes.  Piano/Vocal Score: $85.00  Order
Conductor's score and orchestral parts are available on a rental basis.
Orchestration: 2fl., 2ob., 2cl., 2bsn. - 3hn., 2tpt., 3trb. - timp., perc. - harpsichord - strings.

Love's Labor's Lost: A Symphonic Synthesis - Six sections from Loeffler's opera arranged for orchestra: 1) Introduction - The Vow, 2) Arrival of the Princess - March - Crisis, 3) The Princess Kills a Deer, 4) The Dance, 5) Sonnets - Tricks and Quillets - Resolve, 6) The Song. Duration: 40 minutes Study Score: $37.50  Order
Conductor's score and orchestral parts are available on a rental basis. Orchestration: 2fl., 2ob., 2cl., 2bsn. - 3hn., 2tpt., 3trb. - timp., perc. - strings.

Octet for Winds - At the premiere performance of the four-hand piano sonata listed above, a friend of the composer suggested the sonata would make a stunning piece for winds. The comment prompted this alternative version scored for two flutes (second doubles piccolo), oboe, two clarinets (second doubles bass clarinet), horn, and two bassoons (second doubles contrabassoon). Duration: 14 minutes  Parts: $29.00  Score: $18.50  Order

Openings for Brass and Timpani - Originally composed to celebrate the opening of a new concert hall, Openings was first performed in a gymnasium, the new hall being behind schedule. The fanfare-like piece is scored for four trumpets, four horns, four trombones, tuba, and four timpani (two players). Duration: 5 minutes  Parts and score: $16.00  Score only: $12.00  Order

The Rules of Courtly Love - A chamber cantata for soprano (or mezzo-soprano), flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, and harpsichord based on the twelfth-century "rules" of Andreas Capellanus. Duration: 17 minutes  Parts and score: $40.00  Score only: $15.00  Order

The Rules of Courtly Love - This is an alternative version of the piece listed above scored for soprano (or mezzo-soprano), clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Duration: 17 minutes  $38.00  Order

Sonata in G for Piano, Four Hands - This three-movement work offers a challenging collaborative experience for adventurous pianists. Duration: 14 minutes  $21.50  Order

Sonata for Viola and Piano - A set of variations on the Appalachian folk tune "Putnam's Hill" concludes this three-movement sonata. Duration: 15 minutes  $26.50  Order

Sonnets and Dance from "Love's Labor's Lost" for Flute and Piano - Two lyrical moments and a rousing dance drawn from Loeffler's opera based on the Shakespeare play. Duration: 10 minutes  $16.50  Order

String Quartet - Dynamically driving outer movements surround two central movements which combine fugal procedures and dance rhythms. Duration: 23 minutes  Parts and score: $60.50  Score only: $15.50  Order

Symphony in A - A one-movement work which follows the design of a traditional three-movement symphony, but employs variation techniques throughout. Duration: 24 minutes.  Study Score: $29.50 Order
Conductor's score and orchestral parts are available on a rental basis.
Orchestration: 2fl., 2ob., 2cl., 2bsn. - 2hn., 2tpt., 3trb. - timp. - strings.


All of Alfred Loeffler's Toccatas are based in one way or another on the compositional procedures Bach used in his harpsichord toccatas. One procedure involves the juxtaposition of two types of sections: one strict as to rhythm — sometimes dance-like, generally contrapuntal with imitation, and frequently actual fugues; the other extremely free rhythmically, even quirky and quasi-improvisational. Some of the rhythmically free sections are improvised within given limits so that no two performances will be the same.

Toccata I: Burnham's Toccata for Clarinet Solo - A virtuoso unaccompanied piece inspired by the sectional toccatas of the 18th century. Duration: 8 minutes  $15.00  Order

Toccata II: Toccatisorhymelicus for Organ and Percussion Ensemble - Three percussionists play timpani, xylophone, marimba, tubular bells, and Glockenspiel, as well as a large number of unpitched instruments. Toccatisorhymelicus combines the quasi-improvisatory style of the 18th-century toccata with the isorhythmic and isomelic procedures of the late Middle Ages. Duration: 12 minutes  $28.00  Order

Toccata III: Toccata for Viola and Percussion - A virtuoso work for viola and a single percussionist, who plays vibraphone, piccolo snare drum, suspended cymbal, tam-tam, and obsidian wind chime. As in most of Loeffler's toccata series, improvisation within imposed limits plays an important role. Duration: 12 minutes  $22.50  Order

Toccata IV: Toccata Toburra Canonica for Three Cellos - Dedicated to cellists TOm Stauffer, BURke Schuchmann, and IRA Lehn. Canonica refers to constructive factors - canonic imitation as usually understood, and also to the medieval use of the term as a verbal rule or direction to follow certain procedures. Some of these verbal directions involve controlled improvisation without rhythmic reference among the voices, so each performance will be unique. The piece alternates between sections in which strict rhythmic adherence is essential and sections of quasi-improvisatory rhythmic freedom - the essential requirements for the true Baroque toccata. According to the composer, "The quasi-improvisatory, quasi-aleatoric, rhythmically 'free' parts are better off without much rehearsal." A brilliant virtuoso work for the three professional-level cellists. Duration: 17 minutes $30.50  Order

Toccata V: Toccata for Flute Solo - A brilliant piece for solo flute inspired by the sectional toccatas of the 18th century. Duration: 14 minutes  $20.50  Order

Toccata VIII: Toccata for Percussion Ensemble and Electronic Sound - This extraordinarily engaging and beautiful work is scored for four percussionists playing 34 instruments including various drums, chimes, cymbals, wood blocks, gongs, flexatones, tympani, triangle, bells, crotales, rainstick, marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone. Directions delineate the limits within which the performers proceed in the improvisatory sections. An accompanying CD provides the elegant stereo electronic sound. Toccata VIII is dedicated to Raymond Barker and David Colson. Duration: 25 minutes  $45.00  Order




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